Georgia Atlanta Mission

Georgia Atlanta Mission

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Josh's first email from Georgia!

Hey yall !!!  Sorry its been so long since Ive wrote I havent had a P day in 2 weeks. so that has been to fun.  but let me tell how everything is going.  So I am in Dallas Georgia is about 40 min north east of Atlanta i think... but its pretty country theres a small city area but it has a city called Hiram right next to it with all the stores and stuff. but its a nicer country than you would expect. lots of bigger houses with lots and lots and lots of trees around them. so my area is kind of big and that why we have a car!! and the fun thing is my companions mom doesnt want him driving out here for some odd reason.. soo i get to drive! its been so different driving out here its crazy with all the road names and trees i always feel like im lost or going the wrong way. and most of the time we are. but its alright. my trainers name is Elder Goss he is from Orem Utah and hes a pretty cool guy we get along and thats about it. its not like we are crazy good friends but we enjoy eachothers company.  hes been a good traniner though he has been out on his mission now for almost 9 months and was in the same area for the entire 9 months!! he was out in Griffin.
Soo this is the part that has been pretty hard me and Elder Goss were white washed into Dallas. which means we are both new to the area and that the elders before us werent doing that great of a job here. And they werent.  They left like one investigator for us and that was it. and hes been an investigator for like 3 years now and still hasnt been baptized. so we pretty much have started from the very bottom and are working up! its been long at time cause we dont have appointments and tracting hasnt been to good yet. but were still having a great time and if we keep working hard and being obedient that we'll be blessed to find the right people and families to baptize. 
Its been a pretty big change moving out here. I love the people out here though mostly everybody are very nice its just harder to talk about the gospel to them cause theyll just say i already go to a church. and thats that. theyll talk to you about jesus but once we bring up the book of mormon they just turn us down. but its all good. right now were teaching an ex communicated lady thats very sweet and were almost done teaching her shes just waiting for an approval to be baptized.  we have antoine who is the person thats been investigating for 3 years and were gonna commit him this week i can feel it. but other than that nobody.. but we will keep hitting the pavement and knocking on doors.  Im already picking up the accent so thats a positive! its so funny sometimes listening to the people talk.
The one reason why i love it here is the Dallas ward is amazing!! everyone is so nice and they always feed us. we have been fed almost everynight. and it will be like that a lot. but its all good cause im not getting fat:)!! its a lot of fried chicken and BBQ stuff and its so good!. and he have someone to go on teamups with us everynight form the ward which is great except the fact that we have no one to teach... so we do there home teaching. haha we also have sisters in the same ward theyre pretty cool a litte wierd though..
I think that it. Keep writing its great to hear from everybody! i miss you and love you all so much!! my address to where im living is
Elder Josh Anderson
68 Oakdale Path
Dallas, GA 30157
Elder Anderson

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