Georgia Atlanta Mission

Georgia Atlanta Mission

Friday, June 20, 2014

"Bits & Pieces" from February 2014

February 3........
"yes a lot of stuff happened this week it was just a crazy weird week that I felt like I never got a handle on and then all of a sudden it was Sunday. It went by so fast!! but it was a good week. Ya the snow was a blast. On Tuesday was the first day it came and when we found out we were at a place about 2 miles from our house and it took us about an hour and a half to get home! It was nuts! All the streets were parking lots and it was horrible and it was like that all across the state! Its because all of the businesses saw snow and told all their employees to go home at the same time! And then of course people here in Georgia don't know how to drive in it so a lot of cars were crashing and it was just a mess. I guess on 285 the highway that circles the city of Atlanta there was about 2000 cars stranded and people in there cars for about 2 days!! They had lots of people helping and stuff. It was just hard cause the next day on Wednesday everything was ice and no one here can drive on ice. But it was fun on Tuesday, we went to the Mounts and called some of our investigators and stuff then played with them in the snow. Then on Wednesday we worked pretty hard. I didn't want to stay in the apartment so we went and just walked everywhere to see if we could help anybody. We got to help a few cars get out of places but not to much missionary work came out of it. But it was fun, we walked to Walmart and then to two of our investigators houses. Overall I think we walked about 10 miles it was fun. But ya,  3 inches of snow here makes everybody go crazy! The sister missionaries in our ward were down in Carrollton cause we had our district meeting that day and they got stuck here. They live in Villa Rica which is about 14 miles north and the ZLs and I didnt want them to drive home so they were at a members house in Carrollton for 2 days! So it was lots of fun. But on Monday we actually had a member call us and said he had somebody he wanted us to teach and they would be playing ball that night at the church and it was cool cause there was like 20 young black guys in the church playing street ball it was way fun but this guys name is Lamont Johnson awesome guy he is probably 40 or so and very nice. Talked to him a little bit there, and invited him to church and he came so that was great and after we taught him about the book of mormon and he loved it and said if I believe in Jesus I should obviously believe in this and so hopefully he works out great. He has a wife and 3 kids! we had a good turn out to church we had 4 of our investigators come so that was really good Tyrus Matt and Evaline and about the baptism, Evaline was on date for the 1st but we found out she wasn't married to her boyfriend and so we had to drop the date and we are figuring things out with that. Thursday was a great day because I got to go up to Buchanan and interview one of their investigators to be baptized! A 10 yr old girl named Alexis! I love that part of being a district leader, going and getting to interview people is way fun! And on Saturday that one less active that we brought back, Melanie Parker, she invited us for dinner and we got to meet and talk with her mom and boyfriend who arent members so that was great, very nice people. And yesterday we went to our bishops house for lunch and we had an awesome meeting with our bishop and created a game plan on how we are going to get the work going here in Carrollton.

February 10.....

"We had a good week with getting referrals and seeing them. We got a media referral and the reason he did it is one of his friends died and he felt he needed to get a relationship with God but we had an awesome first lesson with him and he said he'd get baptized!! And we had a lot of other good successes with at least seeing people this week. Nobody came to church... but that's okay. One of our gators, Tyrus had a lesson with some members and he said that he believes in the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but he just doesn't want to give up drinking and smoking even though he doesn't do them a lot. He doesn;t think its bad so we are just working with getting him to realize if Joseph Smith was a prophet and told us to not do it that we shouldn't do it. And guess what I tried last night!.... chitlens!!! oh they were horrible.  They tasted just like they smelt. But they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. I had them boiled. But that's pretty much my week, nothing too crazy happened.  We did have a zone training meeting on Tuesday. You might have seen some pictures of that on Facebook. and on Thursday I had the opportunity to interview a family of 3 for baptism! They are in the Buchanan area! And everything was a success for the baptism and confirmation so that was great. But that was my week"

Elder Anderson's District

February 17......
"This week has been a roller coaster for sure. We had exchanges a day early because of the storm and my new companion is .... Elder Jensen! I'm so excited. I love Elder Jensen! He's so freakin funny. I knew him because he was an office elder before and I got to talk with him then but its been a fun week with him so far and we've been working hard to try to boost up our pool of investigators, but yes the storm was no fun. Ice was everywhere!!! and A LOT of trees were tumbling down and it would sound a shot gun went off. But it was fun, we had to stay in the apt all day on Wednsday and half the day on Thursday, but we didn't go without power. Our apt is very nice so it wasn't too bad. It sucked being cooped in there all day, but it was kind of nice to relax I needed it cause from about Tuesday night last week till yesterday I have been sick with a cold.... I hate being sick its no fun especially as a missionary but I didn't let it slow me down. We still did all the normal stuff we'd usually do.  S,o Elder Jensen has been out about 14 months! and we is just a funny kid he has the biggest sense of dry humor and I love it! You would think he is socially awkward but that's why I love him. He's open with me so its all good but he is real good at basketball. We played yesterday and had fun. But we did have a cool experience this week, we knocked on a lot of doors this week and didn't find to much success but we went into a coffee shop in the middle of Carrollton to get some hot cocoa and while we were drinking it Elder Jensen got a tap on a shoulder from this guy and he said can we hang out with you? haha so of course we said yes and him and his wife came and sat with us. They are a younger couple, mid 20s and they are the trendy hipster type. But so amazing and prepared. They were asking us a lot of questions. They knew we were mormons, but they wanted to know how our missionary work worked and what we believed and how we are different than everyone else.  We had an hour discussion with them then they invited us to a bible study that they have with a group of friends on Sunday night! So we went and studied Acts 8:1-8. Iit was very cool to see what other people do but they are excited to learn more. We are going to their house tomorrow to teach them so we are pumped about that. But it shows you how the Lord puts people in our paths even if we are not the ones to start the conversation."

Elders Anderson & Jensen   
February 24...... 
"This week was good. We had a lot of lessons with our investigators and found some new ones as well, one of which is named Darrell and he was so prepared. He knows a lot about the church already and has been a few times but was very excited we knocked on the door and when we were teaching him he said out of any church in the world that is living the most Christlike, and seems the most true, its the LDS church! He accepted a date to be baptized on the 15th! so we are excited for him and as far as the couple we met last week we did go teach them again and it was a weird experience. Surprisingly they knew way too much about the church. About all of our deep doctrine and things like that and so we had a long conversation about it and how we've come to know its true obviously from the book of mormon and they are struggling with coming to get an answer from just praying. They like to have evidence and things like that and they feel like all the deep doctrine that comes from revelation doesn't agree with the bible. which it does, they are just blinded. But we are going to see them again either this week or next. But another one of our investigators has been doing  a lot of research on Joseph Smith and finding things on him and its super annoying when they do that and find some anti literature and get caught up on some stupid thing then they wont read the book of mormon until we resolve her concerns. She came at us with 16 pages of notes with dates, testimonies, books of things about Joseph Smith, but the good thing with her is she has felt the spirit when we have taught her and she wants the church to be true she just needs to stop doing her own research and finding crap on the internet and we have told her many times to stop. So its been a fun week with of a lot of anti stuff and many crazy conversations but it just strengthens my faith more when they happen cause there is nothing someone could ever say that would shake my faith! And its sad to see all these crazy things that people come up with. But it was a fun week,  and I'll definitely keep praying for you cause I still cant believe Kody is gonna be married soon but I love you so much and I  hope you have a great week!

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