Georgia Atlanta Mission

Georgia Atlanta Mission

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Bits & Pieces" from February 2015

February 2, 2015......

It was a great week this week, so much went on. But to your surprise I did not watch the superbowl:) Ha I really didn't even think about it. I didn't even know who won until I read your letter but dad did just gave me the play by play on how the game ended which stinks for Seattle haha.  I haven't gotten the family history stuff yet, it will probably come today so I'll look out for it. They are having a black family history seminar close to here and I might try and sneak by and see whats up. But as for your member questions the ward here is great. It's pretty small activity wise. There is probably 150 to 175 that show up each week and of that we have like 5 families that are super solid on missionary work that help us out all the time. They do feed us which is great, we average like 5 meals a week. but ya we do have some great members here that help us out a lot. 
As far as the week! Man am I exhausted! It was an awesome week. Ringston is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! He was baptized by his friend and the greatest member we got, Bro. Baumgardner! The sisters in our ward had 2 more baptisms as well so the Conyers ward is just splash city!! I'll send the pics. And the meetings we had this week went great. The one on Tuesday was to help all of the district leaders be more effective in there planning so that was good. And ya Elder Pehrson did get moved up to AP so its fun having those 2 brethren at the top cause we get to work with them a lot. Then on Wednesday we had the privilege to go to the stake presidency meeting and sit and council with them on how the stake is doing and we are planning on a big meeting with all the ward mission leaders, the bishops, the high councilmen, and all the missionaries on how we can move the work forward better, so that was pretty cool. Then on Friday we had our mission council down in Fayetteville at the mission home and had some great discussion of new things we are going to install in the mission. So it's been a pretty crazy week still trying to meet with people and get that stuff down. But I have had a blast this week, It's moving fast, I cant believe we are in the 3rd week of the transfer already!
Baptism Day!

Work, Work, Work!
 February 9, 2015.....

Life is great here in Conyers!  And yes, this week finally felt like somewhat of a normal week considering all the days we have had. Some of the investigators we are working with, Robert and his 3 nephews, David, Chris, and Dorian,  we got them into a members home this week to have dinner and a lesson and it went very well. They are progressing and coming to church. Robert has been coming for a very long time, so hopefully we can get them all in the water but the ward loves them and they are doing great. Kevin  is our other big priority right now. Awesome kid who is 16 and a friend of a member family that has been coming for a few months. But he is such a sharp kid who understands everything and really wants to be baptized. He is just making sure he is doing it for himself and not for anyone else. He just doesn't want to be forced. So we are taking it a little slower with him. But he is great and the ward has really latched on to him. 
But things are going great. I love it here in Conyers.  The people are great.  We had dinners with one of the greatest families I've ever met on my mission and I hope I can always stay in contact with them, the Pierces. She cooks the best food I've ever had. She said for you to send your soda cracker pie recipe so she can make it for me cause I was bragging about it! So you should definitely do that. But we do have the big stake meeting this week with all the bishops, ward mission leaders, high council, stake presidency and president Harding so that'll be great and hopefully we will see a big shift in working more closely with the ward councils and missionary work to combine the members and missionaries!

February 16, 2015.....
Things went well this week, it was different cause we had so much going on that we didn't have time to work in our personal area much. That, and I've been dealing with a crappy head cold the past 3 days and its now just starting to leave so its been a "blast" dealing with that. But thanks for the package. I did get it and I loved the picture. That was super cool, it made me remember all the good times.  It's crazy how long I've been out and how far I've come its so cool. But the stake meeting went very good!! We had all the missionaries, the stake presidency, Pres. Harding, all the bishops, and all the ward mission leaders and talked about expectations and new things that the stake was implementing. It was basically a reproving with sharpness and love to do better! But it went very well and I'm glad all the planning for that is now done. Then we went on 2 exchanges this week.  I was down in Jonesboro on Tuesday with a greeny, Elder Clay from Idaho. That was a blast, we did a lot of great work down there. and then on Friday we did a blitz down in Jackson which is super country and I got to be on bike down there so it was good to do that again.  Other than the fact that it was below freezing.. (probably why I'm sick) but it was good they have been struggling a lot and we got to help them with a bunch of stuff.  
Overall it was a good week we are still working with a lot of the same people, nothing to new with them. We had 5 people come to church this week, a few part member families as well as Kevin. So we are excited for this week to be able to work more in our area and get things going. And last p-day was so sick. I'll send some of the pics of the cars. dad would have loved it. and today we are having a zone elders P-day so that should be fun just playing a bunch of different games!

P-day fun
 February 23, 2015.....

Have y'all had any missionary experiences or opportunities lately? I there is something I can testify of its the power of Member missionary work. It's so vital! I have learned the good way to do it and the bad way since I've been out here.  And I have also learned if you want to have the spirit more with you in your life all you need to do is share the Gospel. That is why us missionaries have it all the time is cause that is all we do 24/7.  But when we share the gospel it gives us the opportunity to bear our testimony of what we know to be true and as we do so we will fill the spirit testify through us to those that we are sharing it to. So I invite you to always be looking for the opportunity to bear your testimony and share the gospel. It might be hard in Utah but there are plenty of nonmembers there. Read the book 'The Power of the Everyday Missionary's". Its the best book ever, I love it! Its how we need to live our lives. That,s my testimony for the week.
This week went great. We got to teach a lot of lessons which was awesome!! We are working with the same people. Not to many people that are new just trying to help the ones we have progress. The sick bug got most of our people for church. But Elder Clayton and I got some exciting news today. We are staying together another transfer! Weird to think its already been a transfer... but we are getting a new greeny!! So we will be training as well! So I'm excited for that, to help push us even more. Pres. Harding has been doing that lately, having the zone leaders train as well. So it will be sweet. We are going to create a monster in the mission field! So that's the exciting news this week! 

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