Georgia Atlanta Mission

Georgia Atlanta Mission

Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Bits and Pieces" from September 2013

September 3, 2013....
" I'm so excited we got 3 new investigators and a whole bunch of investigators so its so cool. We met this 70  year old black lady that is the greatest funniest most southern lady I've met behind Heaven Jones.  But we sat down with her and she just told us her whole story. She is pretty famous actually she was I guess the first black lady to ever be in the union to cut hair like world wide and do competitions and stuff like that. she has a lot of trophys and pictures! and she even cut the Popes hair. but she has won comps in Berlin and many other places and did some movies as well. but she did all of it with a straight razor! and she said she would cut our hair with a straight razor we are so stoked! kinda scared though she is kinda old her name is Ms Joanne!  but we had 2 people agree to baptism this week we didnt set up dates but they said they would if they came to know if its true!  but it should be a good week"

September 9, 2013....
"Thanks for the birthday wishes! and yes people in the ward do know! some members took me out to eat today! they are so awesome they are actually moving to utah in january! right up near hill air force base! but this week was a great week and yes miss joanne did cut our hair it was awesome. but ill send you the pictures. we had an awesome week of finding this week! we found 10 new investigators!! 2 families I'm so excited they all said they would be baptized!! we have 4 of them on date so i hope all goes well! we tracted into both families one of them has 4 kids ages 19 17 16 14 and they all loved what we were teaching. same with the mom. but the dad is a super super super southern man i can tell he is going to be a stickler he doesn't realize the importance of going to church and worshipping something different. he is just southern but we will get him! the other one is an older lady Diane that has been having a lot of problems in her life and has been looking for jesus and then the next day we knocked on her door so she believes we were her answer! and we kinda are haha but. ya it has been a good week lots of tracting. also this week was stake conference for our stake and it was all on missionary work and hastening the work! so it was good for all the members! Since elder romero has been here I've grown a huge love for the new testament. he has taught me so many things from it and how when Christ was here he set up a church. there was an organization. (ephesians 4:11-14) and there was only one lord, one faith, one baptism. and once he and the apostles were killed thats when the heretics and heresies started forming and thats where you see all of the churches. and once you tell somebody that on there porch here in georgia they know what you are telling them is true cause they know there bible. and we just ask them so if you believe in the bible and someone over at another church has the same bible shouldn't yall believe the same thing. and be the same church. and they know you're right haha and then they get mad or want to learn more and lately we have had a lot of people want to know more. but anyways love you. go to youtube or something and listen to a talk by Legrand Richards titled Missionary experiences. its like my favorite talk its so true! "you don't have to argue, if you know how to tell our story!" 

September 16, 2013....
 " I have grown a love for reading anything church related especially talks or something talking about church history its way interesting to me. but i know its hard to try and get in there head and try to teach them y'all did teach me a lot the hardest part is trying to get them to realize the importance of all this... that's what I took for granted or advantage of I think. I mean people always tell you to stay awake and pay attention in seminary but what did we do. we fell asleep and didn't pay attention. and now I look back and wish that I would have paid attention cause I had a real fast crash course in the mission field.  I'm still grateful that you took the time to teach me and did learn but the greatest thing you and dad ever did for me was by just being a good example. and making sure i was doing the right thing. cause out here you see a lot of kids with horrible homes and bad examples and that's what they end up being. so thank you for being good parents and raising me in the gospel and being that example that I needed I know I didn't show it sometimes but it did mean something. as far as the work goes we have been having our ups and downs just like every missionary does. but its the worst feeling waiting for someone to come to church and they don't... ugh it really bugs sometimes but its there agency and you learn how to be patient here in the south cause some of these people and there choices are so ridiculous. but we taught one of our investigators named David last night about the plan of salvation hes 19 and has never had a strong testimony that there is a God or Jesus. (its been kind of nice teaching someone like that) but he has been asking all the right questions and while we were teaching him last night he started realizing that all this does make sense he just needs to start praying about all of it. but im excited about him"

September 23, 2013....
" I love going to the temple with all the missionaries its like 10x more spiritual! but other than that our week has been pretty slow most of the people we have been trying to see have been out of town or something its ridiculous haha but as far as the kid in the detention center we haven't been able to get over this week we have been busy doing some other stuff but we are planning on going this week. and David is progressing he has been reading we haven't seen him since last Sunday but we are seeing him tonight and I hope he has been studying about the plan of salvation cause he seemed super interested with that! I we did have an investigator come to church!! her name is Pam Hardy she is so awesome she tells everybody about us and just calls us her missionaries! she loved it the only problem with her is that we need to get her to stop smoking and drinking... which is always fun. but just to let you know Kathy Meyer the lady we baptized is doing amazing she just got a temple recommend to start doing baptisms for the dead!! she is so golden she loves it. but ya it was a super slow week this week not a lot went on. hopefully today we are gonna go try and play softball as a zone it should be pretty fun!"

Showing off the hat given to him by his Ward Mission Leader


Josh and Elder Romero
September 30, 2013.....
" It was a pretty great week here in dynamic Dallas! Pam is doing good she hasn't had any progress yet with the drinking and smoking and wasn't able to come to church cause she had to help her daughter move out of her house. but she calls us about every other day she is so amazing I hope that she will change. and as for David he is progressing very well he came to church this week and liked it a lot! he is working in Rome though this whole week so we wont be able to see him. and we have another solid investigator here name is Priscilla and she has 3 kids and they are the most well behaved kids i have ever met!! its crazy every time we teach them they are so quiet and raise there hands to answer its so awesome Cornelius is 10, Elisha is 6, and Ariasha is 4 they are awesome I'm praying the things go well with them they were gonna come to church this week we had a member set up to take them and everything but Priscilla got sick Sunday morning!!! Satan is good. but it was a good week this week me and Elder Romero are working hard! but I am sooooo excited for conference this week I've never been excited for it. but since on my mission I just love listening to talks and I can't wait to hear the numbers for missionary work. and we heard some awesome news elder Dallin H Oaks is coming to our mission on Oct. 29!! 

Joshy in love!!

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