Georgia Atlanta Mission

Georgia Atlanta Mission

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Bits & Pieces" from November 2013

November 4, 2013....
"Our teaching pool right now is doing awesome we are teaching lots and its keeping us busy so thats great I'm just praying we can keep it progressing and get these people in the water!! the sisters in our ward had a baptism on Saturday it was great to see this guy Keith get baptized he read the book of mormon in like 2 weeks he was a solid investigator. but some funny things happened this week so on Tuesday we were driving up to our district meeting and we say a dead racoon on the side of the road and it looked pretty good so Romero flipped around and jumped out of the car and grabbed a poncho and picked it up and threw it in the trunk! hahaha and it is some good looking road kill looked like it didn't even get touched so we got a member in the ward helping us out today and were gonna skin the coon and Romero is gonna make a coon hat out of it hahaha man i have gotten pretty redneck cause I love it! Halloween was great we had a great time at the Kellys house passing out the candy and pass a long cards. they said it was a really slow year this year cause the weather wasn't the greatest but we still handed out about over 1000 pass along cards so it was great. It was funny cause people here in the south love a picture of Jesus so they were lovin it haha but that was our week its was pretty fun later today we are gonna be skinning that coon so we are excited!"

November 11, 2013....
"In our area this week it was pretty slow not a lot happened it was just one of those missionary weeks when pretty much every appointment that you have falls through. and no one comes to church.. it sucked but its all good cause im staying positive i think the thing we are working hard on to right now is getting this ward to start hastening the work cause most of the people in the ward are super shy and don't get out much. so they don't know anybody to share the gospel with. and the fact that we have a 29% active ward its super sad. there way to many less actives so we are working to try and get them back. but David and his mom Carmen are doing great! we taught her the plan of salvation on Saturday and she loved it and said she would get baptized when she knew these things were true. and they are starting to pray as a family together which is amazing. we say Daniel at the beginning of the week and we got him on date! but were gonna have to move the date now cause he didn't come to church so that sucks. but its getting crazy cause transfers is on the 20th and we have no idea whats gonna happen. so I'm praying I stay cause I do love this ward and never want to leave. but the coolest thing happened on Sunday. I don't know if you ever remember me telling you about a lady named Cheryll Bennett but she left the church when she was a teenager and is now coming back but she was the first person I ever taught and taught her most of the lessons but she finally got approval from SLC to get baptized and she asked me to baptized her! I'm so excited and its on the 23! that's another reason why I am scared for transfers! but that's all that happened this week oh and zone training meeting was good the temple is always the best part. "

Josh running the flag on Veteran's Day

November 18, 2013....
"Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm freaking out right now about DH and PV are you kidding me that is so cool that they are playing each other at state oh my heck it kills me not being there I guess this is a way that the Lord is testing me and he knows this dumb thing is a trial for me haha but'I/m praying they win my gosh ha I cant believe we have a panther in the house now.. ha I love her but dang. me and Hannah Schone are going back and forth about it to haha but we both know that the curse cant stay this long its our time to win! but enough about football I'm getting transferred!! I don't know where yet or if I'm training or just getting put with another elder. but I'm excited for a change I love it here in Dallas so much and I'm gonna miss the people but I've been needing a change in atmosphere and this will do it for me. I'm hoping I get to come back next Saturday and be able to baptize her I'm pretty sure president will let me. but transfers are on Wednesday so I'll get my new address to you as quick as possible.  David is doing great we still haven't been able to set a date with him cause he's waiting for some big thing to tell him its true and he's not noticing all the small changes in him and we have been trying to show him. but he is still doing great and so is his mom. David came to church this week and so did this black family of girls that we are teaching! the 3 girls came Shadasha is 17 Shanell is 15 and Stephanie is 13 and they are awesome. But about Daniel we had to drop him...its sad and it was hard but we haven't seen or heard from him in 2 weeks we have no idea where he is at. so that sucks but it happen.  I love being a missionary and yes I do have those days  where I just think to myself and say what in the world did I get myself into. but the scriptures have really helped me gain a testimony of knowing that I can push through the hard times.  Doctrine and Covenants 121 and 122 has helped me a lot but I just got big news and I'll tell you in another email"...
"I just found out some big news! I'm gonna become a District Leader! Man thats nuts I didn't see that coming but I am excited that President Harding has put trust in me and I'm ready and willing to serve as one! so ya I am leaving the area for sure and becoming a DL somewhere else so I am excited. Pray for me cause I'm gonna need it!"

November 25, 2013....

"anyways  my week has been pretty crazy so I am now in Carrollton! Its about 40 south of Dallas right next to the border of Alabama so I haven't gotten out of the red neck sticks yet haha it seem like an awesome area.  It is huge though the ward boundries cover all of carrol county which is like 80 miles around the border so its pretty big so we do have a car, but the sucky thing is the elder here before me, this was his dying area so he went home this past transfer and used pretty much all of the miles... so we have been walking everywhere!! we have probably walked 15-20 or so miles in 4 days! so its been different. my new companion is Elder Bates. 
Its been a week that I've been on my knees a lot just asking for guidance and on top of that I have the district leader responsibilites which haven't been to bad. but I've had to learn everything so fast and the elder before didn't leave to much information on anything. So its been a humbling learning experience for me this week. but the ward is awesome! I can already tell I'm gonna like it. The bishop is Bishop Anderson! and he went to SUU I think! so that's kinda cool but the first counselor is name is Bro Mount he is amazing he is so funny but theyre the family we'll eat thanksgiving with also with a less active black lady that we taught yesterday who is amazing and so funny then we have another member that is feeding us desert so I think we'll be good! the teaching pool sadly was just like dallas... they had 2 people in the pool but they are hopefully promising but other than that we have just been trying to find new ones. we found 2 new gators this week which is a great start. but we will just keep working hard and I have learned God puts us in situations to push us and see what we have got I think it was getting a little to easy for me in Dallas so thats why he made me a DL and have to help my companion more. God knows what to do to help us grow. Oh and YES I DID GET TO GO BACK AND BAPTIZE SIS. BENNETT! it was an amazing experience and we actually set her apart and bishop farley confirmed her there so I got to be apart of that as well which was so awesome! but I just wanna let you know how grateful and thankful I am for you and for dad. I love you both so much. being out here on a mission you reflect a lot on life and what you have learned and you and dad taught me so much some of it just didnt click till I was out here. I hate saying this cause you knew and I knew that I would say it but I wish I would have spent more time gaining a stronger relationship with my siblings and I hope I can change that when I get back. but just know that I love you so much and miss you a lot. and ya I know this is where I need to be right now even though I would have loved to be at that game! but I love you."

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