Georgia Atlanta Mission

Georgia Atlanta Mission

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Bits & Pieces" from May 2015

May 4, 2015.....

Do I have a week for y'all, it has been a wild one! 
We first off had a huge miracle with David Jackson and his family. On Monday when everyone in the house started asking us a bunch of questions because they are seeing a lot of changes in Davids life. So we got them excited and now they will be taking the lessons which is a huge step for that family! And whats amazing is David this week in church Blessed the Sacrament!!! It was awesome.  He also bore his testimony. That kid is changing so much. Then on Wednesday, we had our mission council  which went really well.  It took out a lot of the day. Then Thursday was super crazy because President on Wednesday said he was calling an "audible" and was gonna have everyone hold their zone training meeting on Friday and not go to the temple and that we would be the only ones doing the training for 3 hours so all day Thursday for some odd reason so many companionships had problems and questions so we were on the phone for 7 straight hours!!! and did no work and had to scramble and plan for the meeting on Friday morning. But all the stress and preparation paid off in the end cause we had a super spiritual meeting! Because we weren't going to the temple we still wanted them to have a really good experience. So first off we had the STL's talk about faith and our barriers and walls we are facing to get over and then Elder Barnes gave a training on Obedience, sacrifice and consecration. then I taught about our teaching skills and how we need to invite and testify more as we teach and we watched a video called "A man without Eloquence" which talks about Brigham young and his conversion. Then got to practice and it was really good. But the whole meeting we were having them ponder and think about 1 thing they could acquire to bring them closer to the Savior and 1 thing they could get rid of and this is where we wanted it to be spiritual so we decided to have "The Joseph Smith Experience" where we went and buried Book of Mormons for everyone and took them out in the woods behind the church and took them out there and talked about Joseph and his experience receiving revelation and we all quoted the 1st vision and we knew that it would be from the book of Mormon and then had them dig up the "plates" and committed them to write down those things they could do to come closer to the Savior. and then to have them study from that Book of Mormon. And to close the meeting out there in the woods Elder Barnes, Shepherd and I sang a musical number "Joseph Smiths First Prayer" to the tune of "Come thou Fount" while Elder Barnes was reading the words in Joseph Smith history! It was super powerful and the first time I've done a musical number like that. But the meeting went great and we got a lot of good feedback what was sad, but great is that it was my last zone training meeting! What a way to finish!
Then the last miracle is Monica and Eric are now Married!!! We had the wedding last night and it was amazing and they are now so excited for their baptisms in 2 weeks! it has been fun to watch their countenances change! Its amazing what the gospel can do to peoples lives. But I'll send pics from all the events. I love this work! It's crazy to think that when you are at the top of your game and you finally feel like you know what it takes to be a missionary they send you home! hahaha good preparation for the real world!
I love you and miss you and cant wait to see you on Sunday!!

Last Zone Meeting

They said "I do"!

May 17, 2015....

Crazy week this week.  First and foremost Monica and Eric were baptized and are now members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!! And they are loving it, they are so happy and to see their journey they have made is incredible. Eric was also interviewed for the Priesthood and will receive it next week! But it was an awesome service, Elder Shepherd was able to baptize both of them and a member who set up the wedding Bro Buck was the one that confirmed them! It was great!! The rest of the week was super hectic involving us having to drive a lot for baptismal interviews.  We did 2 exchanges on Tuesday with Jonesboro and Friday with Stockbridge. Then on Thursday we were privileged to join in with the Stake and be apart of the Bishops Roundtable which was a very cool experience to be apart of and to talk about the missionary work and to help them out with some things. They have a lot of trust in us which makes it easy to have them help us. The stake President is so on board with everything right now, its awesome. and then my other miracle for the week, I told you on the call that I didn't end up buying those boots but one of my favorite members gave me 2 pairs of his old cowboy boots and they're legit! As well the sickest belt!! I'll send a pic! 
But for transfers I will be staying here for my last 2 weeks!!! I'm happy about that. Elder Barnes will be training a new zone leader for when I leave and Elder Shepherd is going to be a District Leader!! He is gonna be awesome. He is very prepared and qualified for the assignment! We are excited for him.

May 27, 2015.....

Thanks for sending me those things from President Hinkley. I have been pondering on those things for the past few months and really tried to make sure I have secured each one of them so I can be ready for when I get home! I cant believe its almost time to give you a big bear hug again!! That's awesome that that member called you, makes me feel good. And always remember that I will always be proud to call you my mommy and you're the best one 4 knuckle heads could ever ask for. I cant believe how many others are coming home in the next few weeks its gonna be crazy with all the homecomings. 
But this week has been fun, the New Elder replacing me is Elder Hanson! We have a lot in common. He is from Cedar City! He went to Canyon View and wrestled and played football. We were both trained by Elder Goss and the last area he just came from was Carrollton!! So its been fun talking and telling stories about the areas and companions and about home. But he is great and will be a great addition to the Conyers ward. Elder Shepherd went to Douglasville and what's pretty sweet, my first baby Elder Talbot is now a Zone Leader in Griffin!! Oh and my MTC companion Elder Nelson is the new AP!! lots of crazy stuff happening. 
This week was filled with a lot of meetings. We had to meet with each of the District leaders and go over expectations and all that stuff which took up a lot of time. We had a pretty sweet memorial day party at a members house and had a few of our investigators come to that. But nothing too crazy has happened. I am just ready to work to the last second and make everything count! I love the Lord and I love this work!!
and of course i love you:)

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